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Be Happy

IT IS TIME to start recovering from your past trauma. IT IS TIME to grow together in your relationships instead of apart. IT IS TIME to understand how to better cope with life situations. 


Join me on the road to repairing your heart to become whole again.

What Hearts to Wholeness can offer you:

A More Simplified Life
Get help in confronting challenges head-on and creating a plan of action to overcome what has been hindering you in the past.
This will help improve your performance
creating life changing results.

Trauma Recovery
As a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist I have developed the ability to see past the facades,
dig deeper into those hard to process areas,

draw out blockage, perceptions and limitations in ones belief systems eventually empowering
you to change your life. 

Build Healthy Relationships
Gain a better understanding of what you want, know your worth, set boundaries, and build long-lasting healthy relationships.

About Me
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About Me...

Rhonda Goso is a highly educated, caring individual with a passion for helping others achieve their full potential through the identification, acceptance and resolution of personal issues.  She is a certified Life Coach who works with single, dating, and married individuals helping them work through challenges at each stage of relationships.


Proficient with helping other people chart a path to success,

Rhonda leverages her more than 15 years of experience counseling adolescents, teens and adults to provide useful advice and valuable guidance.

Specializing in relationship issues, growth and conflict resolution, birthing, individual and family trauma Rhonda has earned a reputation for her compassion and keen insight, along with her focus on remaining sensitive to the personal needs and goals of her clients.

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