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Live Out Your Purpose

Growing up Joseph had it easy after all he was his dads favorite. Joseph found favor in his fathers eyes and to papa Jacob he could do no wrong. He had privileges no one else had. He wore the latest fashions, was given the best portions of food, he barely had to work in the fields. Josephs life seemed to be picture perfect except for one problem: his brothers absolutely despised him. They seriously could not stand him. Every time one of them did something, Joseph went and reported their bad behavior to their father. What made things worse, every time Joseph wanted something, all he had to do was ask and his father would get it for him. Sometimes Joseph didn't even ask and papa Jacob would just gift him with things like that coat with all those colors that you can see from miles away in which Joseph showed off every time he had the chance. But the thing that angered Joseph’s brothers the most was Joseph telling them he had dreams that all his brother would one day bow down to him.

Joseph’s favoritism was taking a toll on his family and before long the dislike and hatred from his brothers towards Joseph grew so much that they decided “Joseph gots to go.” Before making their final decision, they threw Joseph into a prison pit in the ground and after a while they agreed instead of killing him they would sell him to the Egyptian caravan up the road. Josephs dreams for success may have seemed out of reach, but Josephs life had purpose. The Egyptian slave owners took him down to Egypt and Potiphar, an Egyptian who was Pharaoh’s official, the captain of the guard, bought him. Before long Joseph was doing big things in Potiphar’s house and once again Joseph found favor in someone else's eyes. What is amazing is that Joseph was a slave and was prospering. The Lord gave Joseph success at everything he did. The bible says that the blessing of the Lord was on everything Potiphar had and that Potiphar recognized that the successes of his house were due to Joseph presence. So Potiphar decided to entrust him with everything in his house. Things seemed to be turning around for good. But unfortunately Joseph was about to encounter yet an even bigger problem than his brothers. Potiphar's wife. She was a hot mess from the beginning and decided to get Joseph in trouble by telling all sorts of lies about him simply because Joseph decided he was not going to disrespect his masters house. You see God desires for us to live out our purpose in such a way that when we tell our story we have nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, Potiphar believed his wife’s lies and Joseph was once again thrown back into another prison.

Through it all Joseph never complained and he never compromised. “He was loved and hated, favored and abused, tempted and trusted, exalted and abased. Yet at no point in the one-hundred-and-ten-year life of Joseph did he ever seem to take his eyes off God or cease to trust him. Adversity did not harden his character. Prosperity did not ruin him. He was the same in private as in public. No matter the situation he faced he was always purposed for something amazing.

You see when you are in Gods favor he purposes everything for your good. Joseph did not go through what he did because of his brothers doing. He doesn't become second in command under Pharaoh because of his brothers distain towards him. He starts out as a slave because God purposed him there. Gods hand is on your life. He has the power to elevate you no matter what situation you are in, no matter your age, no matter where you’ve come from or where you are going. The success of your purpose is based on your obedience to the assignment on your life.

Class of 2018 God has called you right now and I challenge you today to “Live out your purpose.” You may be that person who speaks out on injustice, or that person who inspires. You may be purposed to change the face of the high school you are attending or preach to others about the goodness of God. Your purpose may be to change the atmosphere of twitter or change the negative perceptions of what it is to be a teenager. Purposed individuals have spiritual boldness to push the boundaries, they recognize that failures are only challenges to overcome. Never limit yourself to others expectations, but only do what God has purposed you to do.

Today is your day. This is what God has made you to be right now so I challenge you to “Live out your purpose.”

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